Mindful Drawing: Spring Flowers for Stress Relief

Explore ‘Spring Flowers for Stress Relief’: A mindful drawing guide for moms seeking calm and creativity amidst their busy lives.

As we eagerly await the full bloom of spring, let’s bring a touch of its beauty and tranquility into our lives a little early. For all us busy moms out there, I’ve crafted a simple yet profoundly soothing art exercise designed to infuse your day with a dose of calm and creativity. No need for advanced art skills or expensive materials—just a moment of your time and the willingness to explore.

Why This Exercise Works:

This flower drawing exercise is more than just a creative endeavor; it’s a form of mindfulness that can help busy moms like us find a moment of peace in our hectic days.

  • Mindful Focus: Concentrating on each petal as you draw brings your attention to the present, helping to clear the mind of clutter and stress.
  • Creativity Boost: Engaging in a simple creative act can reawaken dormant parts of our brains, encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving in other areas of life.
  • Achievement and Satisfaction: Completing each flower offers a small but meaningful sense of accomplishment, boosting mood and self-esteem.
  • Aesthetic Pleasure: The beauty of creating something visually appealing can provide an immediate emotional uplift.

Have fun with this spring flowers for stress relief exercise! Please let me know if you’ve tried this one; I would love to see it.

You can find a small video of this exercise on my Instagram @thecreativecooldown

Supplies for the Spring Flowers for Stress Relief

Supplies used:

Bristol paper (BeCreativeShop), brush pens (Ohuhu), fineliner 0.3 (Ohuhu).

Alternative supply suggestions:

You can use anything with a flexible tip.

Instructions for this stress relief exercise:

Step 1: Fill your page with dots

Step 1 – Add the dots

Before you start, slowly breathe in and out a few times to clear your head. Then, bring yourself to the present, away from all the day-to-day stress.

Start by randomly placing dots across your page. These dots will become the centers of your flowers. There’s no right or wrong placement—let intuition guide you.

Step 2: Add your first petal with a brush pen

Step 2 – Your first petal

Position the tip of your brush pen at one of the dots. Press down gently but firmly to create a petal shape. The pressure will create a wider line, resembling a petal.

Step 3: Fill your dot with petals and create a flower

Step 3 – Create your first flower

Rotate your paper slightly, and place the pen tip at the same center dot. Press down again to create the next petal. Continue this process until you’ve formed a complete flower around the dot. The number of petals is up to you—what feels right?

Step 4: Continue turning your dots into flowers

Step 4 – Fill your page with flowers

Move to the next dot and repeat the process. Continue until each dot has transformed into a unique flower. Allow yourself to get lost in the rhythm of turning dots into blooms.

This spring-inspired flower drawing exercise is a testament to the power of creativity as a tool for relaxation and mental clarity. As moms, it’s crucial to find these small oases of calm in our day-to-day lives. So, next time you find yourself overwhelmed by the whirlwind of motherhood, remember that peace can be as simple as a dot, a press, and a swirl away.

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