Creative Exercises

To help with your creative me-time, I have created exercises for you. Just pick one you like or do them all! I will try to add a new exercise every week.

On Instagram, I will often upload reels of the exercises as well. You can follow me @thecreativecooldown and check those out.

For each exercise, I will always offer alternative supply suggestions, so you won’t need to buy a lot of stuff to complete them.

Have fun!

Step 6: To add depth and dimension to your artwork add shadow lines.

Squiggly Lines: Art Therapy for Busy Moms

Discover the therapeutic power of squiggly lines! Dive into art therapy designed for us busy moms. Unwind and unleash your creativity today! Are you ready to inject a bit of…
Step 4: Add patterns to some of your lines

Easy Watercolor Therapy for Busy Moms

Discover easy watercolor therapy techniques designed for us busy moms to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness through simple, calming art exercises. I don’t know about you, but I can use…
Step 3: Add some color to your peony doodles.

Draw Calm: Peony Doodles for Busy Moms

Discover how drawing simple peony doodles can offer us busy moms a quick, relaxing escape. Unleash creativity and find calm in every stroke. In the midst of your whirlwind day,…
Step 3: Add faces and details

Paint & Relax: Easter Bunny Art Fun

Embrace Easter bunny art with a relaxing watercolor exercise for moms and kids—a perfect, stress-free way to celebrate the season together. As spring fills the air with freshness, Easter brings…
Step 3: Add patterns to your circles and the stem

Easy Art Project: Mindful Circle Flowers

Discover the joy of easy art with this mindful circle flowers project. Perfect for busy moms seeking a quick, creative, and calming escape. Today, I want to share with you…
Step 4: Continue turning your dots into flowers

Sketching Calm: Turning Lines into Shapes

Discover a simple, stress-relieving drawing exercise for us moms. Turn lines into shapes and find your moment of calm in everyday chaos. Hey moms, ever feel like you need a…
Step 4: Continue turning your dots into flowers

Mindful Drawing: Spring Flowers for Stress Relief

Explore ‘Spring Flowers for Stress Relief’: A mindful drawing guide for moms seeking calm and creativity amidst their busy lives. As we eagerly await the full bloom of spring, let’s…
Step 4: Continue until your page is filled with watercolor raindrops

Finding calm in watercolor raindrops

Explore ‘Finding Calm in Watercolor Raindrops’: A guide for moms to relieve stress and find peace through simple, mindful painting. In our busy lives as moms, finding moments of calm…
Step 3: Continue this until the end of your page

Sharpen Your Focus, Moms: Quick Doodling Exercise

Discover how we, as busy moms, can sharpen our focus with a quick doodling exercise—simple, colorful techniques to stay present and creative. In the whirlwind of daily tasks and responsibilities,…