Finding calm in watercolor raindrops

Explore ‘Finding Calm in Watercolor Raindrops’: A guide for moms to relieve stress and find peace through simple, mindful painting.

In our busy lives as moms, finding moments of calm can feel as tricky as catching raindrops. Yet, here lies the beauty of art – it’s a safe place when you’re tired and a way to express yourself. Today, I’m thrilled to share a simple yet calming watercolor exercise: painting raindrops. This activity isn’t just about creating art; it’s about immersing yourself in the present moment, one raindrop at a time.

Why This Exercise Works:

The repetitive motion of the brush and the focus required to blend the colors naturally guide your mind away from daily stressors, inviting calm and concentration. Watching the colors spread and merge on the paper mimics the unpredictable, soothing pattern of rain, providing a meditative experience that can help quiet the mind and ease anxiety.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this calming watercolor exercise; I would love to see it.

You can find a small video of this exercise on my Instagram @thecreativecooldown

Supplies for the finding calm in watercolor raindrops exercise

Supplies used:

Watercolor paper 300 grams (Arches), watercolor paint (Winsor & Newton), paint brush (Da Vinci), paper towel, and washi tape.

Alternative supply suggestions:

You can use your kids’ watercolor paints or other paint.

Or use a brush pen to add raindrops and use different colors to create a colorful picture.

Step 1: Paint your first layer of light raindrops

Step 1: Your first watercolor drops

Find a quiet spot where you can spread out your materials. Fill your cup with water, and lay out your watercolor paper. Please take a deep breath, and let’s begin this mindful exercise.

Start by selecting a color that speaks to you in this moment. Mix it with plenty of water in your palette to achieve a light, translucent hue. This will be the base for your first set of raindrops.

Dip your brush into the watery paint, holding it above your paper. Gently touch the brush to the paper, allowing the paint to bloom into a raindrop shape. Don’t worry about making perfect shapes; let the water do the work.

Step 2: Darken the hue slightly and add more raindrops

Step 2: Add darker drops

After painting a few raindrops, add a bit more paint to your puddle to darken the hue slightly. Continue adding raindrops to your paper, observing how the slight variation in color adds depth to your canvas.

Step 3: Keep adding more paint and darker raindrops

Step 3: Gradually darker

Continue this process, gradually adding more paint to your mixture with each new set of raindrops. You’ll notice the beautiful gradient of shades forming, from the lightest color to deeper, more pronounced tones.

Step 4: Continue until your page is filled with watercolor raindrops

Step 4: Fill your paper

Keep painting raindrops, varying the pressure and placement until your paper is a gentle shower of color. Allow your mind to focus solely on the formation of each drop, letting all other thoughts wash away.

This raindrop painting exercise is more than just an artistic exercise; it’s a practice in mindfulness and proof of the beauty of simplicity. In moments of overwhelm, remember that peace can be found in the smallest things – even in painting raindrops. As busy moms, taking a break and doing something creative is important. Getting lost in an art exercise can positively affect our day and remind us to enjoy the little things in life.

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