Easy Art Project: Mindful Circle Flowers

Discover the joy of easy art with this mindful circle flowers project. Perfect for busy moms seeking a quick, creative, and calming escape.

Today, I want to share with you a straightforward art activity that’s both relaxing and quick to do. This exercise, painting circle flowers, is a lovely way to dip your toes into creativity without needing much time or artistic experience.

Benefits of this exercise:

Mindfulness and Presence: Focusing on the simple act of painting and drawing brings your mind to the present moment, reducing stress and promoting a sense of calm.

Creative Confidence: This exercise proves that creativity doesn’t require grand gestures or hours of free time. It’s a reminder that you can create something beautiful in just a few minutes, boosting your confidence in your creative abilities.

Flexibility and Adaptability: By embracing imperfection and the organic flow of the shapes and patterns, you’re practicing adaptability and flexibility—not just on paper, but in life.

Joy in Creation: There’s a unique joy in making something with your hands, a tangible reminder of your creative journey that you can see and touch.

Connection: Sharing this exercise with your children or friends can turn it into a shared creative adventure, deepening connections through the joy of creation.

Have fun with the exercise of creating these mindful circle flowers! Please let me know if you’ve tried this one; I would love to see it.

You can find a small video of this exercise on my Instagram @thecreativecooldown

Supplies for the Easy Art Project: Mindful Circle Flowers exercise

Supplies used:

Watercolor paper 300gr (Arches), watercolor paint (Winsor & Newton), fineliner 1.0, 0.3 (Ohuhu).

Alternative supply suggestions:

You can use any supplies you have: colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc.

Instructions for this mindful circle flower exercise:

Step 1: Paint a few circles on your page

Step 1 – Paint your circles

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be present, releasing the day’s worries with each exhale.

Dip your brush into the water and then into your chosen paint color. Gently paint a few circles on your paper. These circles don’t need to be perfect. In fact, their imperfection adds character. They can overlap slightly or stand alone at different heights—like flowers in a field waiting for the sun.

Let them dry completely, which shouldn’t take long.

Step 2: Add a vertical line

Step 2 – Draw the stems

Once your circles are dry, use your marker or pen to draw a simple vertical line beneath each circle. This line will serve as the stem of your flower, grounding it in the earth of your imagination.

Step 3: Add patterns to your circles and the stem

Step 3 – Add patterns

Now, it’s time to bring your flowers to life. Over each circle, draw a simple pattern. A spiral, a series of dots, or even little lines can emulate the intricate patterns found in nature. There’s no wrong way to do this; let your hand move freely.

You can even add patterns or details to your stem if you like. Do whatever feels good for you.

Take a step back and admire your work. Each unique and simple flower represents a moment of peace in your day.

Incorporating this simple yet satisfying exercise into your routine can be a step toward reclaiming those moments of peace for yourself. It’s a gentle nudge reminding you that creativity doesn’t require perfection or hours of uninterrupted time. Instead, it thrives in the moments we give ourselves to be, explore, and create without judgment.

As you continue on your journey of creative self-care, remember that it’s not about the end product but the process—the moments of quiet joy and the gentle exploration of your inner landscape. Let these circle flowers remind you of your creative potential, blooming quietly in the chaos of daily life.

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